These remarks are made in response to Dan Walters Feb. 20, 2017 article, “Once again, poll finds voters are ignorant on budget”

It’s about time someone exposed the truth about where our tax dollars are really going. I’ve often been confronted with carefully crafted statements like “in the last 30 years California has built 20 new prisons and only one new college.”

What was not said is “it’s been 20 years since California has built a new prison.”

What was not said is “California has built countless community colleges throughout California that brings low cost college education to nearly everyone in the state.”

California has dramatically expanded the programs and capacity of its existing university programs.

What also was not said is before we reduced California prison population, the cost per inmate was approximately $40,000 per year. Now the cost is over $60,000 per inmate per year.

Mike Reynolds